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You can even save more on travel with ATCC!!!

-Your Personal-
-Travel Privilege Card-

-special rates & courtesy upgrades-

The holder of a ‘Travel Agent ID Card’, acquires the formal status of ‘Home Based Travel Agent’ along with the associated privileges of special travel rates, courtesy upgrades and direct access to a base of thousands of specially selected (FAM) trips at ‘industry/wholesale prices’.

Ask yourself:

-Would you like to stay in Five Star-
-Hotels with up to 80% discount?-

Some examples:

Hilton $89 (average $ 300)
Hyatt $106 (average $ 350)
Marriott $43 (average $ 300)
West inn $79 (average $ 300)
Sheraton $89 (average $ 300)
Embassy Suites $106 (average $ 300)
Excalibur Las Vegas $100 (average $ 350)
etc. etc.

What does the Membership include?

our membership includes your IATN Travel Agent Photo ID Card for 5 years, offering the benefits of special rates and courtesy upgrades, as well as some of the most effective travel marketing tools and services currently available online... which are all FREE to use every day!

How affordable is the ATCC membership?

Your Travel Agent ID card will be valid for 5 years !
To gain access to this powerful tool and the associated special travel rates, courtesy upgrades and attractive FAM trips and optional residual income opportunity. 

Cheap…expensive??? Well, consider this:
On a yearly travel budget of € 3.000, you will –on average- save 50% or more, so at least € 1.500! Take a piece of paper and calculate what this represents for you over the full 5-year membership term! In the above example you save € 7.500 !!

Don’t be surprised to become an enthusiastic card user, who starts talking to friends, family and perfect strangers about his special travel rates, the courtesy upgrades and the special FAM trips. Again, don’t be surprised if they ask you where they can get their own Travel Agent ID card!

But what if you are not a frequent traveller?
A hotel stay of a single night per year or five nights in five years, will allow you to break even with the membership fee of the card. Additional nights will quickly bring substantial net savings!

My favorite question to other guest in the hotel is: “May I ask you what you paid for your room?” Look at their faces when you tell them your rate! 

Some examples:

Up to
50 % Reduction on airplane tickets
Up to100% Reduction on amusement & museum
Up to
90 % Reduction on hotels en resorts
Up to
50 % Reduction on apartments
Up to
75 % Reduction on cruises
Up to
70 % Reduction on villa rentals
Up to
20 % Reduction on car-, camper rentals
Up to
50 % Reduction by golf resorts
Up to
75 % Reduction on train tickets
And a multitude of free upgrade possibilities.

-Ask information for your 5-year Card!!-

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